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Gratitude | William and his workbench.

Hello Saturday!

Yes. We are a family of 4 + 1. Being a single parent presents many challenges. Blimey. But I am proud to say that I have been able to deal with most of the challenges that have come our way. No. It’s not always easy, but I’m determined.

There are some circumstances that pop up that I am simply unable to conquer. Like showing my son how to use a drill. Yes know how to use a drill. But do you think I can explain to my head-strong eleven year old boy that Mum knows what she is doing with a power tool?  Surprisingly, I have no credibility in William’s eyes on this topic. None.

What does a girl do in such a situation? Obviously, she calls her Dad.  Read More

William is SMASHING!

Hello Friday!

I wanted to share some fun photos with you of William beginning his SMASH mini book.

As we start the school holidays I’m thrilled that both William (10) and Stella (8) are wanting to record their experiences over the next three weeks. They are with their dad for the first six nights (gulp) and apparently there is a lot planned so it will be great for them to record it all in their holiday book. Scarlett (6) is unsure if she wants to “bother”, to use her words, but I have one ready to go just in case.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! xxx

QUICK PRODUCT UPDATE | The Me and My Big Ideas (MaMBI) products have arrived. I’ll be putting them up on my site today and tonight. Slowly but surely. And I am still planning on releasing my JUNE MINI KIT today. x

Hey boys! and GIVEAWAY!

Hello Thursday!

I’m curious. Are there any male memory keepers/scrapbookers out there? There has to be right? Do you know of any?

William is becoming more and more interested in telling HIS story. He loves how I call it ‘documenting’ as opposed to scrapbooking (more manly I guess). I’ve got a black WRMK leather album at the ready and a Project Life Childhood mini kit on order just for him. I want to get him started. I want to encourage him but at the same time I don’t want to pressure him. I want to show him that this wonderful world of documenting is also for guys and that it is just as important for the males of this world to tell THEIR story as it is for the girls.

I think it would be a great journey for William to take himself on as an individual.

Great because he could reflect on how far he has come.

Great because he could reflect and realise he is actually doing really well in this thing called life.

Great because he could look back and know that he is actually living life, embracing life and having a darn good time – especially handy to reflect on his world when he has those moments of feeling that all he does is rush around and do boring school work.

I was reading the Bespoke Magazine blog (which I love) and for the month of March they showcased male crafters from all over the world. It was called Manly Craft Month. It was fantastic to see males embracing and doing amazing things with crafts that are predominantly and traditionally thought of as a female crafts.
















Take Luke Haynes. He’s a quilter. Yep. A quilter. He does some amazing, artistic designs with material. Even portraits! Check out his Bespoke interview here and his website here.


Then there is Jamie Chalmers. He is…wait for it…a cross-stitcher! Mr X Stitch is a contemporary cross-stitcher who also loves embroidery. Here is his interview over at Bespoke.

So what about male memory keepers/scrapbookers/documenters of life? I know you are out there. Or perhaps you girls might know of someone who is in love with, just dabbles with, or contributes from time to time in our craft of memory keeping.

A father, a brother, a son, a friend.

Let’s encourage them to ‘come out’ so-to-speak. Let’s encourage them to share their work and their stories, their art. Let’s let them know how wonderful we think they are.

Have a great day everyone! x



Bet you thought I’d forgotten about the giveaway. Nope. Here it is.

For your chance to win this awesome Amy Tangerine Inspire embroidery kit simply leave a comment below.

The winner will be drawn next Monday.

The Inspire embroidery kit is actually my favourite. I love the Capture kit too but I just think that this one is more versatile.

I’m going to be using it in my week seventeen of my Project Life journey.

Good luck everyone! x













I want to squeeze him…!

Just wanted to quickly share with you something that William (age 9) said to me this morning.

“Mum, you have so much on your plate right now + you aren’t dropping a crumb.”

Today began in a typical hectic way. I was a tad stressed, a little tired + feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all.

But now who cares about all of that.

Everything I have done, worried about + juggled has all been worth it thanks to my son taking a little bit of time to make, to me, a big comment.

What a lovely lead up to Mother’s Day.

And breathe. Life is good.

Project Life, 2012 | Week Eleven.

Welcome to Week Eleven of my Project Life journey.

I AM: Inspired by the completion of each week.

I AM: Inspired by all my fellow Project Lifers out there.

I AM: Inspired by the thought of being caught up.

I AM: Determined to STAY caught up!













This week is the first week that I don’t have an insert. Shock horror as I love inserts. I might find something in the future, go back + add it but for now I have a clean double page spread.

I used bits + pieces that were lying around on my work bench this week including stuff from my personal stash, products from my Store + left over pieces from the Studio Calico Monthly Kits.

I was facing an overwhelming week so started off with a little pep talk to myself. ‘Me’ telling ‘me’ to just take the week one little step at a time. I have to remember that not everything has to be done ‘yesterday’ + that no matter what life throws at me I just have to try, + then try harder. Eventually I’ll get there.

I’m big into embracing the ‘now’. A few months ago this quote found me. I thought it was the perfect week to use it on my title card.

I love this photo of the two boys together. William is such a patient big brother + when he was reading to Henry {age difference 6 yrs} my heart melted.

I also love the photo above it of Stella, my Dad + William. My Dad’s recovery from back surgery is going extremely well. This week he was able to take the short car journey with the kids + I to school drop off. It means so much to the kids {+ to me} to have their Grandad such a big part of their everyday lives.

This photo of Stella tells a lot about my little girl. Determined + brave. She was finishing off her homework ready for her return to school the next day.

This photo of my cousin, me + my sister-in-law is a special one.

The three of us are country girls. We went to the CMC Rocks the Hunter concert which featured Tim McGraw + Faith Hill.

We had an absolute ball! Lots of laughs + lots of singing.

A big thank you to my brother-in-law for driving the three of us. Another big thank you to my parents, my sister + her husband for looking after my four babes. We really let our hair down…

That pink strip is the wrist band we all had to wear. I love adding memorabilia to my Project Life album. My favourite ways of attaching memorabilia are with my Tiny Attacher + sewing machine.

I’m enjoying using the Ormolu Flair Buttons in my Project Life. I’m getting over the ultra conservative mind set of holding on to products. Just use them!

Week Twelve is done. Next to blog it!













William + Abigail.

Happy Sunday!!

We have all had a wonderful three days with the safe arrival of little Abigail Margaret. It is so special to have a newborn in the family again. Everything went beautifully.

This is what I love seeing. Bonding. Loving. Closeness. Family.

My son William is the oldest grandchild on my side of the family. Here he is holding the youngest grandchild. He fell in love with this little darling baby girl the first moment he saw her. All my kids love babies {who doesn’t?} but William in particular just melts. He is such a gentle, caring, loving soul.

It’s been a special time. Can’t wait to see what the week ahead brings us.

Have a great week everyone!


Project Life, 2012 | Week Seven.

Finally!!! I’m not going to make excuses. It’s just life right? I’m still enjoying this process. It’s like a little treat for me when I can get to completing a week. Thank goodness for journaling tools like Facebook + those wonderful pieces of scrap paper…!

In our house we celebrated another birthday. William turned 9. My dad was still in hospital so there were lots of lovely visits with him, Valentines Day snuck into Tuesday, + on the weekend we had a lovely visit from my Mum.

I had fun trying a few new things this week.

My first experiment was with a piece of transparency by Hambly Screen Prints. I fell in love with the gorgeous little teal cameras. The idea came from Ali Edwards.

I used my Tiny Attacher to staple the photo straight onto the transparency so that you wouldn’t see any adhesive on the other side.

I’m going to try + work the Week Eight design so that I maintain that ‘see through’ look of the transparency.

I love this photo of Henry looking through our Project Life album. This is what it’s all about. He’s only two + a half + already he is enjoying looking through the album. Result!



My insert this week tells the story of William’s ninth birthday. {I can’t believe I have a nine year old!} We had lots of birthday fun that day.

I had a ball using various tags + also popped in a 2-Day Hooray Number Flair Button by Ormolu which I’ve been dying to use! I used another transparency from Hambly called Chicken Coop in brown. It’s one of my favourite transparency designs. Again, I really like the see through look of the transparency! I added some no. 9 dots from my Clementine core kit onto the Cosmo Cricket red dot paper.

On Valentines Day I took a photo of Henry + myself while we were waiting in the car at school pick up. I said to Henry, “Come on mate. Let’s send a kiss to all our friends”. This what he came up with – a lovely photo of his tongue! I had fun using a cute stamp + some gorgeous washi tape I had bought at Typo a couple of weeks earlier {I just love that store!}.

As I was creating this post I thought that I needed to add a tab to the insert to distinguish it from the rest of the week. I felt it was kind of lost on the main pages so I quickly sewed a hand punched tab straight onto the trimmed page protector + added some cute little Tiny Letter Stickers from Cosmo Cricket. Easy!
There. Done. Happy. I hope you like it!
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