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Moving | Monday.

Hello Monday.

After getting the kiddos to school amongst boxes of packed memories and culled belongings I drove home and got stuck into packing my office/studio/warehouse. The trouble with going through all my creative bits and bobs is that I find it incredibly inspiring.


I found things that I haven’t seen in ages. I found things that I didn’t even know I had! I found things that I had outgrown and that I packed up ready to give to the kids school. I found things that would be perfect for that project that I wanted to start after I finish that project that I had planned to complete a hundred yesterdays ago. (You know how it goes…)

It also inspired me for the future. I want to keep it this way. Clean. Fresh.


No, I could never live like that. I love life and stuff and having life and stuff around me. But I do need to keep things under control.

Me, myself and I, 4 babes and their personalities and loves, 2 furry friends, and a hobby/business/passion/’life source’. It all makes for a full house alone without extra clutter.

A plan for me, for them and so my creativity feels as though it has the time and space to ‘be’.

Any tips welcome… xxx

PS | and I need sleep… I’m sure you all know how that goes also 😉

I’ve got you little man…

HENRY | I had the most beautiful moment with you today. You are such an active boy. You never stay still for long. If you do it’s usually because you are either asleep or strapped into a car seat. You + I have had such a busy time since William, Stella + Scarlett went back to school. Your midday sleeps are now few + far between partly because we are tripping around a lot + partly because you are simply getting older. Lately you have been tired. Today you caught up. You fell asleep in my arms. Something that hasn’t happened for months. For the first time in a long time I was able to just sit + study your beautiful face. I caught up on your features. I marvelled at how long your beautiful your eyelashes are, how smooth you skin is + how your little birth mark is fading. I noticed the shape of your eyebrows + smiled at the dimple on your chin. I listened to your regular, sleepy, calm breathing. I put my hand to your face + you snuggled your cheek into my palm + I whispered “I’ve got you little man + I will never let go”. You are so loved. Mumma xxx

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