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Blog Spotting | When too much is just enough…by Elle Roberts.

Hello Thursday!


Elle Roberts has started a blog called Seeking More – Staying Grateful. I love Elle. I love her positive energy. I love that she is open to helping, nurturing, supporting and guiding other creatives. I love that she is real. A mum. A daughter. A friend.

On Monday I read one of her blog posts called ‘When too much is just enough’. And I found a title for myself.

My name is Jodie and I’m a MULTI-PASSIONATE. (Cue the corny Oprah audience clap of support…).

Like many of you, I am passionate about so many things in my life.

I love being busy – with my babes, with my family, with my friends, with my work.

I love feeling like I’m constantly moving forward. I love that I don’t have time to ‘sweat the small stuff’. I get excited. I get on a high. And when I’m lying in bed, at the end of my day, I love that feeling of utter exhaustion knowing that I have had a ‘full’ day.

BUT…every now and then I reach ‘a point’. That point when I feel completely overwhelmed. That point when I think I’m going to pop under stress, pressure, deadlines and the tasks of everyday life. That point of feeling alone.

I’m a single Mum. I’m running my own business. I’m it.

If I could quickly back it off a notch, before I feel like I’m going to pop and release pink mist into the world, that moment, to me, would be bliss. That, too me, would be my ultimate happy. (I’m working on it.)

Elle’s post gave me encouragement. I am not alone. We are both single mums. We are both living our dreams. We are both trying to make the most of our ‘every day’ while doing what we love and believing in ourselves.


I think that’s what creatives are. Don’t you? We observe so much. We are open to so much. We feel so much. We take on so much.


I love that title. Do you?


seeking more – staying grateful

Visit Elle’s blog, Seeking More, Staying Grateful and be inspired to embrace and find joy in your everyday life. x







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