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Outdoor Furniture Revamp Complete!

Hello Wednesday!

Over the weekend the sunshine stayed out long enough for me to complete the revamp of our outdoor furniture. While it isn’t the most professional looking job I am still so thrilled with the result. It brightens up our little entertaining area beautifully.

Here are some before and after photos.


Obviously the before shot. Yuk right? This set is about 3 or 4 years old. I looked around for a replacement setting but quickly realised that I didn’t want to spend the dollars. I decided to keep what we had and revamp it. I like the ‘nothing fancy’, clean lines of these table and chairs and how they fit into our entertaining space well. And I’m constantly telling the kids to look after what we have, use what is around us, so with that in mind we did.



The first crack at it. Loved my little helpers.


The final push was just me. And my little buddy Jasper to keep me company.


The end result. White and bright!



The revamp cost a total of $70 after I bought the paint and brushes. The satisfaction of little ol’ me having completed a project like this with the help of my brood? Priceless.

We are ready for those Friday afternoon drinks, the BBQs and all the outdoor fun that Spring and Summer bring.

What do you think? XO

Outdoor furniture revamp.

Hello Monday!


The kids and I love spring and summer and spend the majority of our time outside in the warmer months. We play, we potter around the garden, we host Friday night drinks with our family and friends, and most nights we will BBQ and eat outside.

I just got butterflies in my tummy just thinking that all of this is just around the corner!

Hence my intense motivation to spruce up our entertaining area. More flowers, inject the veggie patch with usable spring and summer produce and replace our outdoor furniture.

But here’s the thing – I’m constantly telling my brood to ‘make the most and look after what you have’. I showed them what I meant this weekend.

After pricing outdoor furniture pieces and wanting to vomit at the cost I decided to re-visit and re-love what we had. I like the no-fuss shape of our six piece outdoor setting. I know that it fits well within our space. It just needed a (huge) spruce up.

A four litre tin of white, low sheen outdoor paint from our lovely friends at Bunnings on Saturday and we were good to go yesterday.

I received a lot of “help” from the kids and whilst it was short lived enthusiasm from Henry and Scarlett good ol’ Stella stayed with me pretty much to the end of the day.

Here are some progress photos.


Before. Very quick, light sand. Mainly to get the bird poo off.


We gave the roller brush a go and while the paint went on quickly Stella and I decided that the roller finish wasn’t as good looking as the brush finish.


Jasper decided to take a closer look. No, the paint wasn’t dry. Yes, I (quietly) swore.

You learn a lot about your kids when you get them involved in a project like this. Look at Henry. For almost five he impressed me with how careful and particular he was with the painting process and cleanliness. And well just check out Scarlett’s technique. I was worried she was going to start painting with her tongue!! She was all about ‘let’s get this job done’ with as much flair and determination as ever.

Stella? Careful, slow and steady. Completely committed to the entire project.

I love them all.


We managed to finish four chairs. I can’t say when I will have a big chunk of one day to complete the remaining two chairs and table but I can tell you that I am motivated because the four we did look so fresh, clean and ready for our outdoor months.

Have a fabulous start to the week all! xo

In case you were wondering where my number one of the four was?… William was out on the boat fishing with Grandad.Photo credit | Grandad. x



Hand Painted Cards by Ellie.

Hello Wednesday!

Ellie is back today to share with us some scrumptious hand painted cards she created and then used in Project Life album. They are truly beautiful!



Hello PDC friends!

It’s Ellie here and today I’m sharing a project life page I made using hand painted cards.

Image 1 Image 2 Image

I was inspired by Jodie’s brush script and Amy Tangerine’s Plus One mini kit. I loved playing around with water colours and painting on Project life cards. It was fun and therapeutic just doing what ever I liked. I made more than I needed for a single page spread so I could pick and choose to match my layout. I used the mists as paint (great idea from Jodie) as well as water colours to paint each card. Anyone can give this ago. Grab some plain and grid Project Life cards from Polka Dot Creative and give it a go yourself!

Ellie has used:

Days of the Week Brush Script cards available at Polka Dot Creative

XO kit xo card by Polka Dot Creative

Christian themed Project Life cards – Becky Higgins

4×6 Textured Cardstock Project Life cards – Becky Higgins

Grid 3×4 Project Life cards – Becky Higgins

Plus One mini kit – Becky Higgins

Project Life Journaling Pen – Becky Higgins

Mister Huey’s mists in various colours

Mister Huey’s Chevron Mask

Various brand mists used as paints

Dear Lizzy Date stamp

Koi water colours

Ali Edwards and Amy Tangerine Stamps

Stazon on Black ink

Silhouette software

Falling in love with Brush Script.

Hello Thursday!

Well I am in a little bit of heaven over here. Inspired by Kal Barteski I am giving the art of brush script a go. And girls… I am loving it!

I was enjoying a catch up over on Amy Tangerine’s blog and fell in love with her collaboration with Kal Barteski. I then followed the link to Kal Barteski’s blog which lead me to the Studio Calico classroom which led me to thinking that I might go out and buy the tools I needed to give brush script a go TODAY {or technically yesterday} because I was so excited to experiment that I couldn’t possibly wait another few weeks.

Here are the products I purchased based on the Studio Calico class list.

Brushes | 5 round brushes. 2, 4, 8, 12, and 14. Last night I primarily used the number 4.

Paint | water colour in lamp black. Gouache in Jet Black. Acrylic in Ivory Black. I am currently experimenting with each of the three paint mediums.

A plastic paint palette.

Paper | a pad of Canson Montval Aquarelle Watercolour 200 gsm.

All products were purchased from my local Eckersley’s Art and Craft store. They also have an on-line store.

There was no method to my experimenting. I just simply went for it. I love quotes and had a bunch of simple quotes and words that meant different things to me swimming around my head. So I simply painted those words onto the Canson paper.

Just go for it. Write (or paint), and write (or paint), and write (or paint) and just keep on going.

Get those words out of your head and onto the paper. Rip off the page that you have just filled up. Re-fill your brush. Then start on, yet another, blank page.

Don’t have a use in mind for your creation as you are creating. Just create. You can alway trim down, or take a photo of or try again later.

I think the key to starting something new is just experiment and try and have fun with the unknown.

Be free in your learning.

You’re not going to perfect it in one night/day if at all so you might as well partake in the activity with a smile on your face.

My plan is to include the art of brush script in my Project Life and other memory keeping and craft creations throughout 2014. I have already made some 3×4 and 4×6 cards for my Project Life album. I can’t wait to use them in my week two or even paint some cards specifically for my weeks.

Do you want to give brush script a go? Visit the Studio Calico classroom or contact me. I’d love to help you too.

Here’s to trying new things! xxx


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