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Re-draw and NEW giveaway.

Hello Wednesday!

Well unfortunately I haven’t heard back from the lucky winner of the core kit giveaway so…

…here is another lucky winner…


Rachel Pomeroy July 25, 2013(Edit)

Thank you Jodie for all that you do! Your an inspiration…. I love all the kits and so hard to choose…. oxoxo I’m also a bit obsessed with Project Life… its my years inspiration… I love all the core kits and hard to choose therefore if I was lucky to receive a free one i’d love Blush or Midnight…surprise me… or a neutral baby kit xoxoxo thanks so much.

Rachel I have split all the core kits up and I have a Blush and a Midnight. Still happy with those? Contact me honey and let me know.

Now for another giveaway…

As you may or may not know I’m moving house. Oh the joys of renting… BUT I’m excited about this move as it has given me the ultimate excuse to de-clutter and re-organise EVERYTHING. Also, look what I found! A lone June mini kit.

Who wants it?

Leave a comment here for your chance to win. I’ll draw the winner sometime next week when I surface from under all the boxes… 🙂

Goodnight! x




Guest Post | Aimee Dow of Betwixt & Between.

Hello Tuesday!

On Sunday Michelle shared with us how we can use my June mini kit in our Project Life pages.

Today I’d like to welcome Aimee Dow of Betwixt & Between to my blog. Aimee is sharing her ideas on creating a Daybook with my June mini kit. This girl is thinking outside the box and I love it! There are two things I love in this memory keeping world. Project Life and Daybooks. I’m in heaven.


Hi, I’m name is Aimee but you probably know me best as the author of Betwixt and Between. I’m here today to show you how I used my July Polka Dot Creative mini kit. I’m not going to lie, when the gorgeous Jodie and I discussed this post and I explained all my design slots were filled for the month, the lovely Jodie remarked “No worries honey, we can do something next mon…”, she didn’t even have a chance to finish her sentence before I was screaming “NO! I want it! I have to have it!”. One of the main reasons I love Jodie’s mini kits is you really aren’t limited to what you can create with them, unlike other Project Life kits. So without further ado, here is my mini book.
The idea for my book was absolutely inspired by the mini kit’s colour palette and Jodie’s amazing handmade vellum sequinned pocket. I admit it looked better before I took the book to a crop and everybody just wanted to shake it, so it’s been though a fair few hands.
I backed the cover with a piece of beautiful foil paper that was included in the mini kit. The pages of the book are also made up of the foiled paper and the misted Kraft cardstock. I taught myself how to bind them together from a YouTube video. I’m not sure what everyone else uses YouTube for, but it’s my infinite how to guide.
I should probably mention, other than Jodie’s mini kit, all the other supplies are scraps or left overs. I love that you can create a whole project with little more than the mini kit and what’s on hand. Quote is by Audrey Hepburn, but you already knew that didn’t you?
How cute are those Dear Lizzy alphas. I’m such a sucker for small alphas. Oh speaking of alphas! Have you seen the Dear Lizzy Glitter alphas Jodie has on sale right now? I bought the Vanilla and the Spearmint because they were in the massive stocktake sale.  OMG they are beautiful. I’m going back for more…umm and probably a few more sale items. I figure I would have bought them at full price, so that’s already a 50% I’ve saved, but if I spend till free shipping, that’s $20 more product I get for free because I’m not paying postage. Yay!
I’m not usually a big pink scrapper, but I do love this page. It came about by accident. I counted out my photos and my pages but forgot to take into account the quote on the inside cover. So some quick thinking, a doily, one of the kits beautiful tags for stability and TA DA, you have a makeshift page! Lots more Dear Lizzy here. Dear Lizzy – 5th and Frolic stickers, 5th and Frolic ribbon and of course the alphas. Now all I need is the 5th and Frolic Project Life kit. You can be sure I’ll be preordering it here but do I want it with the Maggie Holmes or the Amy Tangerine edition? I’d love to get all three but with Liz Tamanaha’s Man’s World kit and the Theme Park kit, that’s probably going to be too much right? Good thing Jodie lets me pay them off in instalments. That way it doesn’t feel so painful paying for them and I get them as soon as they are released.
Here you can see the front of the Jodie’s tag, ehh… covered in homemade cork stars. It was my idea to put them there though. I didn’t do the velum one. I don’t own a sewing machine. That’s Jodie classing up my project right there.
Remember how I said leftovers and scraps? That ripped paper is leftover indian wrapping paper, the veneer I found under my desk and the the alpha’s are from one of the stray packs with only had a few left. I had planned to use Crates gold daiquiri glitter thickers, but curiously I was out of D’s. Go figure. The stamped background is just a geotag strip.
Before you say anything, I want to go to Amsterdam for the progressive government, the bike riding and the canals, regardless of what the sequins might have you believe. Just in case you were wondering about the little Dutch phase on the homemade speech bubbles, it means ‘See you later’. I gold glitter embossed them. I think it’s clear I need more practice.
I went to bed the night I created this page not sure of what it would look like. Jodie said be sure you photo all the layers but I don’t think I do a lot of layers, I thought to myself. I had one of those three am moments where you sit bolt up right and your husband rubs his eyes and sleepily says “What about arabic tiles?”. Apparently I had been talking about them in my sleep again. From there it was a matter of a quick google image search and it became very apparent that the easiest pattern to replicate was the fishscale. Then I went back to sleep.
That about wraps it up I’m afraid. I’m hoping one of you at least gives this a crack with the next Polka Dot Creative mini kit, due out very soon. I’m dying to see someone else’s take.
Thank you Aimee! You are so very creative. xxx Thank you for showing that my mini kits can reach beyond our Project Life pages. Be sure to visit Aimee’s bright and beautiful blog called Betwixt and Between.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone. xxx

Guest Post | Michelle Stokes of Getting her Craft on…

Hello Sunday!

Today I welcome Michelle Stokes to my blog. Michelle is a creative machine and today she shares with us week 27 of her Project Life journey.


Hello everyone. Michelle here to share one of my recent Project Life layouts using the June Mini Kit.

I had so much fun playing with this Kit! SO much fun that I managed to use everything in the cute polka dot bag that I needed to grab more things from previous mini kits to finish the layout off!!

I started this layout at the start of the month during an all day crop.

Originally I was going to go the no kit route, and I was showing people a few examples of how to make your own journalling cards with stamps and washi tape.

Then the Polka Dot Creative mini kit fell out of my bag and the layout changed completely.

This is how my Week 27 eventually turned out and I LOVE it!

I had a few photos to use on the left hand side, and ended up needing to dip in to a previous mini kit to back them with after printing them out the wrong size (whoops). The papers I found matched in well with the others, especially that vellum!

The photos of myself I have stamped, written and stuck letters and label stickers straight onto the photo.

For the title card, I cut around the Hello bubble (from the speech bubble paper) with my craft knife then slipped one of the star tags underneath. I added some of the cork stars and a flair from A Piece of Cake Designs for some added fun! The pink circles were stamped on using the lid of a misting bottle. I used the same technique on another paper at the bottom of the page, and on the Cloud Washi tape on another pocket.

You can see here I’ve even used Jodie’s business card as part of this pocket. Plus more stars and how cool are those alphas!! Love them!

On this side of the layout I’ve used the 2 cards that I had made at the crop day as examples of how you can make your own cards, They worked in well with the PDC mini kit. Ive also used the pre made journal card from the kit and that Confetti Pocket along the middle 3×4 pockets… I LOVE me some confetti!! And that GOLD triangle paper!!

And how cute are these little speech bubbles!! I cut this banner from another piece of the misted Kraft (part of the kit) added some vellum and stamps from Give a Girl a Stamp, then stapled it onto the pink patterned paper with my photos.

Well thats my week 27 – I hope its given you all some inspiration on how to use one of Jodie’s funky mini kits! I know I cant wait for the next one!!

Michelle xx


Michelle has a wonderful blog called Getting Her Craft on…One Day at a Time. She posts regularly with a variety of different memory keeping projects. Like I said, she is a machine!

Thank you for this collaboration Michelle. It was awesome. x

Enjoy your Sunday all! xxx

PS | if you would like to be a guest here on my blog please, please, PLEASE email me at jodie@polkadotcreative.com.au Get involved. Share, encourage and inspire!

Project Life, 2013 | Week Twenty.

Hello Tuesday!

Welcome to week twenty of my Project Life journey.

For week twenty I used my June mini kit. I needed to get my week twenty done quickly (I’m a little behind) and I completed it during the school holidays and I wanted to be around them which, on this particular rainy day, was in the loungeroom where the heater and movies were.

All I needed with me were my photos, my trusty black Artline felt tip pen, my black stazon ink pad, a couple of stamp sets from Give a Girl a Stamp, my roller tape, my Midnight core kit and, of course, my June mini kit.

I love this photo of William on the horse. He’s learning to ride. We are really experiencing life and saying ‘yes’ to opportunities.

I had a bit of fun cutting into the patterned paper so that the design on the paper worked around my photos.

Poor Stella. She had to wait until she was 8 years old to lose her first tooth!

Here I cut into a piece of journaling card from my Midnight core kit.

Love, love, LOVE this stamp from Give a Girl a Stamp. There was no problems stamping on the mister hueyed journaling card that was included in my mini kit.

I was a little worried as the mister dried a little chalky but when using the stazon black ink there was no problem at all.

Petra’s cork stars were magic to work with.

The two flairs included in the mini kit came from A Piece of Cake Designs. I love them.

Instead of adhering the flair buttons directly onto the journaling cards I put them onto the outside of the page protector. It adds texture to the page (which I miss when using page protectors) and it makes for a smoother, easy to photograph page. This idea was inspired by a post I read in our Project Life Australia Group.

I included a couple of photos that I had created in A Beautiful Mess app. I love the app but I forget to use it.

I was really proud of this months confetti pocket. 🙂

Realising that I primarily use black ink when stamping I tried a bit of gold pigment ink. I can’t wait to get my hands on some gold stazon ink. This was a little too ‘soft’. This stamp is another Give a Girl a Stamp (of course).

Do you ever just enjoy project lifing so much that you finish a week and want to jump straight into the next one BUT then life prevents you and you get that pang of panic because you’re not quite sure when you’ll get to continue your creative project life journey again???? Sigh. That happened to me. I can’t wait (!) to get stuck into week twenty-one!!!!!

A LITTLE PERSONAL NOTE TO MY CUSTOMERS | Thank you to all who participated in my sale yesterday. You completely overwhelmed me. Here I was thinking that I wouldn’t sneak up on a sale, that instead I’d just go for it and get straight to the point. 50% off. BAM!

Well blimey!

I had scheduled the sale for 5 days but had to end it not 12 hours after it had begun. I needed to catch my breath and get caught up on packing the orders that had come in AND spend heaps of quality time with the kiddos. They went back to school today. I love the school holidays and I loved having them home.

Being a one (wo)man show it’s busy, overwhelming, rewarding, hectic, chaotic and oh so much fun and believe me, I am so very grateful to you all. THANK YOU!

My 50% off sale will resume in the next day or so after I have all the orders placed so far sent out. x

Have a FANTASTIC day! xxx



Inspiration Call | June Mini Kit.

Hello Thursday!

One of the things I love about our craft is the willingness of those involved to share and inspire others. I see it every day in our Project Life Australia group. From time to time I’ve called for anyone out there who would be willing to share their work with me and others here on my blog. I feel the need to ask you all again.

Have you recently purchased one of my June mini kits and do you feel like inspiring others?

I would be honoured if you would share your ideas and creations. Please accept my humble invitation to be a guest here on my blog and share with me and those who visit here what you have created.

Please contact me by 1) leaving a comment here or 2) by emailing me (jodie@polkadotcreative.com.au) with June Mini Kit Inspiration in the subject line.

The content of your share can be one or two photos and a brief explanation of your creative process or it can be more detailed if you have the time.

I’m looking for anything and everything that you have created with my June mini kit. From layouts to cards to Project Life pages. From simple to complicated. From beginner to more experienced. I WANT YOU ALL! 🙂

Do you have a blog? If so I’d be more than happy to link to it so we can visit and see more of your work.

I look forward to, no, I CAN’T WAIT(!) to hear from you!

Thanks! x




#polkadotcreative | June mini kit.

Hello Wednesday!

I know. It’s been a long time between blog posts but things have been crazy in every sense of the word in my world.

One of the things that has helped to keep a smile on my dial are these Instagram photos of my June mini kit thatyou’ve hash tagged. Here’s just a few. More to come!

@jess_jeanette | Project Life products and one of my June mini kits. Hope you’ve been able to find some time to play Jess!

@shelz626 | I always look forward to seeing what you create with my mini kits Michelle.

@kyliesimplyb | I love, love, LOVE your product photography Kylie. So professional!

@petracorcoran | love that I get to brighten up your work day honey.

@kristyy81 | Kristy not only purchased one of my June mini kits but also a pack of the new, fun MaMBI cards and scrumptious flair from A Piece of Cake Designs.

@documentingchaos | love(!) how Sarah added a touch a A Beautiful Mess app design.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased one of my June mini kits. I still have some available. You can find them here. Only $20 which includes postage.

I can’t wait to see what you all create with your June mini kits. Please hash tag anything you wish to share with me. I love, love, LOVE seeing what you all do, the ideas you come up with when using the kits contents and I really, really APPRECIATE to no end your continued support, enthusiasm and feedback.

Hope you’ve all had a great Wednesday! x

Don’t forget to check out what’s on sale at Polka Dot Creative! Products on sale include:

Collection packs


Mister Hueys

Amy Tangerine collections

Dear Lizzy collections

Studio Calico collections

Hambly Screen Prints


Graphic 45

October Afternoon collections


Released | June 2013 Mini Kit.

Hello Saturday!

My June mini kit is ready! I can’t wait to use this mini kit in my own project life album. I think it’s beautiful. I hope you do too.

I had said that I would release my June mini kit last night but the dirty secret is that I fell asleep with the kiddos. Does that every happen to you? Sigh. 🙂

Here is what is included this month:

2 x flair buttons from the Cherry Flair range by A Piece of Cake Designs.

1 x handmade confetti pocket. I used the vellum called Jamestown from the Atlantic collection from Studio Calico and filled it with gorgeous gold and silver sequins and hand punched kraft coloured stars.

2 x hand stamped grid Project Life journaling cards. These two stamps are from a soon-to-be released stamp set from Give a Girl a Stamp. I have stamped a vertical option and on the back a horizontal option giving you more flexibility when putting your week together.

1 x sheet of the Dear Lizzy gold foil tiny alpha stickers. PLEASE NOTE that both the white and the gold will NOT be included in your mini kit, rather one or the other. White OR gold. Both will go beautifully with the mini kits contents.

2 x handmade tags. I hand punched the silver polka dotted vellum stars and machine sewed them onto the tags. I have also cut and tied the string for you making it easier and quicker for you to complete you week. Having said that you can always take off the string and create something else. I haven’t cut the string so each length is approximately 17 inches.

2 x die-cut speech bubbles made by Documenting Chaos from smooth white cardstock.

approximately 10 tiny little self adhesive cork stars hand punched by Petra Corcoran. Just carefully peel off the little backing and stick straight down.

2, 4 x 6 cards of gold foil kraft paper called Avalon from the Atlantic collection by Studio Calico.

2, 4 x 6 cards of the fun speech bubble paper called Marvellous Madeline from the My Girl collection by American Crafts.

2, 4 x 6 cards of patterned paper called Nantucket from the Atlantic collection by Studio Calico. (I love this paper).

2, 4 x 6 cards of kraft paper that I have lightly mistered for your using the Opaque White Mister Huey by Studio Calico. (All Mister Hueys are currently 15% off in my store!)

Don’t forget that I can also put together a vertical option for those of your who are loving the vertical page protectors. Please leave the word VERTICAL in the message to seller section of the PayPal section of the payment process.

I hope you enjoy using this June Mini Kit! xxx

Polka Dot Creative MINI KITS are available for $20 including postage. Please note that not every kit is the same as there are many handmade elements. The patterned paper and designs on embellishments etc will vary however each mini kit contains exactly the same amount of product with the same standard of high quality.
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