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Share & Inspire | My Creative Process by Sarah Ellis Wilkinson, Documenting Chaos.

Hello Sunday!

My wonderful friend Sarah from Documenting Chaos agreed to put together a post on how she approaches her Project Life journey. I am in awe of Sarah, not just because she produces beautiful work but because she is so UP-TO-DATE! This working mother of two has not missed a week nor has she fallen behind. How? She shares that with us now.

Keeping up to date is something that is essential for me in the success of my Project Life journey. Different things work for different people but for me my experience has shown me that getting even a week behind is a slippery slope! I have developed a process that works for me and that enables me to put the week together in about an hour and a half on a saturday afternoon. This has kept me on track for about the last 18 months and the lovely Jodie has asked me to share it here.

Almost all my photos are taken on my iPhone and almost all the ones I use are either instagrams or cropped to square. Through the week I keep in mind which pictures I think I’ll use and send them to my computer via dropbox. On saturday arvo I pick 6 photos and print them out at 3.5inches square. Occasionally I’ll add a digital element or some text before printing, and sometimes I will have done that already using a phone app like A Beautiful Mess. I have also used the Diptic app a bit this year to make collages on my phone. Once the photos are printed I trim them all and then start thinking about core kits/ journal cards etc.

For the last few weeks I have been working through the new core kits, using a different one each week. This has been a lot of fun and a very quick way to pull it together. If I’m not using core kits I would look at my box of random journal cards and pick a few out and then look at patterned paper for the 4×6 spots. I don’t do a lot of 12×12 scrapbooking so most of my paper is already cut down.
I lay the 3×4 and 4×6 cards and papers on top of the page protectors and play around with the placement until I’m happy with how it looks. Then I lay the photos on top and play around a bit more.

Once that is sorted I pretty much deal with each 4×6 card separately – adding embellishments, stamps, journalling etc. Often I will have picked a pack of thickers that I will use on a few cards.

Once the 4×6 are done or almost done I go back and do the journalling on the 3×4, again adding stamps and embellishments until I’m happy with the way it all looks.

So by saturday afternoon the week is almost finished, with just a 3×4 and 4×6 spot left for sunday which I usually do in about 10mins on sunday afternoon and evening – whenever I can squeeze it in!
I know that this wouldn’t work for everyone but it most definitely works for me ūüôā

Thank YOU so much Sarah! You can see more of Sarah’s Project Life on her blog Documenting Chaos.


April 2013 Mini Kit available now!

Hello Sunday!

So I told everyone that I would be releasing my April mini kit by the end of the week. All my beautiful collaborators had their products in to me on time (thank you!) but life got hectic with the last day of term etc blah and the release didn’t happen. Bummer.

Then in the early hours of this morning I instagrammed that the release would be today. I even through in a ‘promise’. Well, technically I’m being true to my word, however, I know that you all wanted it sooner. I’m so sorry and thank you so much for your patience. xxx

Here it is!

My April 2013 Polka Dot Creative mini kit was inspired by my new found love of the month. The¬†Snippets collection from Studio Calico. Included in the collection is a¬†patterned paper called¬†‘Me Oh My’. It¬†has 12 really fun 3 x 4 cards and the colours are scrumptious. It also includes a bit of black which I love working with. The mini kit easily came together from there with the beautiful help of Karen. Thank you my friend. xxx

My April mini kit includes:

4 different 4 x 6 patterned papers, 2 cards of each, including¬†‘Remember’ from Amy Tangerine’s new collection Yes, Please, ‘The Good Life’ also from Amy Tangerine, ‘Newsprint’ from the¬†Classic Calico 2 collection, and¬†‘Silly’ from the Heyday collection also by Studio Calico.

1 handmade tag my friend Karen. Karen has a beautiful blog called Audrey and Bear.

3 vellum Chaos Cards from our very own Documenting Chaos.

1 Cherry Flair camera flair button from our very own A Piece of Cake Designs.

Approximately 16 inches of twine. (Please note that the colours vary. You will have the possibility of received either blue, black, red, orange or pink bakers twine).

10 blue self adhesive dots.

2, 3 x 4 cards from the¬†¬†‘Me Oh My’¬†patterned paper from the¬†Snippets collection by Studio Calico. (Please note that the 2 cards are individually selected to make sure that the 2 cards co-ordinate with each other).

2 wooden mini pegs.

1, 3 x 4 yellow Chevron Overlay from Hambly Screen Prints.

1 packet of yellow tiny alpha stickers from Cosmo Cricket.

All the embellishments come in a glassine bag which is also great to use in your project.

Don’t forget that if you wish to purchase a VERTICAL version of this mini kit please let me know in the comments section of the PayPal part of your purchase and I will custom make your mini kit just for you.

A big thank you to Karen, Sarah and Raquel for your collaborations. As always such a wonderful, fun experience working with you girls. xxx

Thank you so much for you continued enthusiasm and support with my mini kits. I know I have said it before many, many times but I really, REALLY mean it.

I’ll be on my little lonesome for the next 5 days while my beautiful babes go on their next adventure with their dad so you’ll be ‘seeing’ a lot from me. Thank goodness for my ‘creative place’ during these quiet times.

Bye for now! xxx

Polka Dot Creative MINI KITS are available for only $15, $20 including postage if purchased on its own. If purchased with other products the postage will be charged according to the usual Shipping Policy. Please note that not every kit is the same. The patterned paper and designs on embellishments etc will vary however each mini kit contains exactly the same amount of product.

Project Life Australia Getaway | Part 3. The daybook.

Hello Sunday!

It’s finished! And I’m thrilled at the chunky, colourful result.

My primary aim for this daybook was to collect photos of the people who attended the Project Life Australia Getaway and get each and every person to sign it. Kind of like a guest book. Thanks to my Instax and my little bags of goodies that I took with me to work with, it worked a treat.

This daybook was created here at home before I left for Queensland using some scrumptious Amy Tangerine patterned papers and embellishments from her new collection Yes, Please.

I also created one for my daring friend Sarah over at Documenting Chaos. Pop on over to her Documenting Chaos blog and check out her amazing work. We had a ball together and I was absolutely thrilled to finally meet, not only one of my creative team members, but also such a beautiful and talented person.

I started the daybook on Project Life Getaway weekend. I took my instax and some Amy Tangerine Yes Please embellishments, and some of my ‘go-to’ essential tools…

…then I finished it off here at home and included some Instagram photos that I and others had taken during the weekend. I was careful to stick with the collection of products and tools I had used on the weekend away so that everything looked consistent.

I had a ball with twine. I stitched it throughout the book and used it to tie the book up so that I could slip by boarding pass through it. There is a photo later in the post showing this. So handy.

I haven’t photographed every page. Some of the photos and comments I have wanted to keep private. Grab a cuppa. This post is pretty photo heavy.

There was no real plan when creating this daybook. The photos aren’t in any real order. Some of the photos I took at the beginning of the trip are actually at the back but I didn’t want this project to have too many limitations or rules. There was too much fun to be had to worry about such things.

Do you love the ‘coffee date’ stamp? Me too! They are from Give a Girl a Stamp. Don’t forget to use the discount code jodie for 15% off your purchase!

With the left over Instax photos I had I put in this clear envelope from the Yes Please collection. Very handy.

Thanks for visiting! x

All of the patterned papers and the embellishments I have used are available in my Polka Dot Creative store. And I’m getting more in. If you can’t find what you are looking for contact me. I’d love to help you out. x




RELEASED | March 2013, Mini Kit available now.

Hello Saturday!

Finally my patient friends. Here is the latest Polka Dot Creative mini kit.

The March 2013 Mini Kit includes:

8, 4 x 6 patterned papers from SN@P!, Studio Calico and Echo Park Paper Company.

1 handmade Polka Dot Pieces confetti pocket.

2 Chaos Cards from our very own Documenting Chaos.

3 individual stamps from our very own Give a Girl a Stamp.

2 Cherry Flair weekday flair buttons from our very own A Piece of Cake Designs.

6 inches of teal bird ribbon.

4 inches of glitter tape from American Crafts.

a random sprinkle of wood veneer (every mini kit will have at least 5 wood veneer pieces).

If you wish to purchase a VERTICAL version of this mini kit please let me know in the comments section of the PayPal part of your purchase and I will custom make your mini kit just for you.

I’m very proud of this particular mini kit. Lots of Australian talent packed into it. I really love that. Thanks girls for your collaborations. xxx

THANKS EVERYONE! Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

Polka Dot Creative MINI KITS are available for only $15, $20 including postage if purchased on its own. If purchased with other products the postage will be charged according to the usual Shipping Policy. Please note that not every kit is the same. The patterned paper and designs on embellishments etc will vary however each mini kit contains exactly the same amount of product.







DESIGN TEAM | Ok. It’s been a BIG week!

Hello, hello, hello WEDNESDAY!

Can we just pause for a second and take a look at our two wonderful, talented, amazing, Aussie chicks???!!!!

I’m so excited right now…!!!!

And they just so happen to be on my design team and got their products from Polka Dot Creative…eeeekkkkkk!!!!!

Sarah of Documenting Chaos


Kellie of Give a Girl a Blog

Could you both PLEASE STAND UP??!

Both of these Aussie girls have recently been acknowledged by two big names in the scrapbooking world in America….!!!!



Congratulations to both Sarah who featured on the Amy Tangerine blog with Polka Dot Creative’s first ever mini kit. (I’m a bit bashful…). Here’s Sarah’s blog post about her layout.

And to Kellie who was linked on October Afternoons official facebook page featuring her Grow album made from the Farm Girl products sold here at Polka Dot Creative.

Congratulations to two of our own!

Pretty great way to welcome a Wednesday don’t you think? I think so. In fact I’m pumped!!!

Have  a good one all! x


February’s Mini Kit is now available.

Hello Friday!

February’s Mini Kit is ready!

I have loved, loved, LOVED putting this month’s mini kit together. Just in time for Valentine’s Day I wanted this months mini kit to subtly celebrate the romantic month whilst still being totally adaptable for every other topic in our everyday lives.

This is what I came up with:

8, 4 x 6 patterned papers including Surrounded (one of my personal favourites), On the Clock and To Do List (another fave) from READY SET GO by Amy Tangerine and 6th & Main from the 5TH & FROLIC Collection by Dear Lizzy.

SOMETHING NEW | If you use the vertical page protectors in your Project Life I am more than happy to custom cut your mini kit Surrounded and To Do List patterned papers to vertical 6 x 4 rather then the standard horizontal 4 x 6. When making your mini kit purchase simply pop the word VERTICAL in the special instructions section of the Paypal process so I know your preference.

2, 3 x 4 Days of the Week Kraft CHAOS CARDS by Documenting Chaos. (Please note that there will be two random days of the week in each mini kit).

3 different kraft arrows from CHAOS CARDS by Documenting Chaos.

2 sweet stitched vellum hearts from READY SET GO by Amy Tangerine, 2 READY SET GO and 5TH & FROLIC hand cut banner tabs and 12 inches of twine.

2 handmade stitched tags from POLKA DOT PIECES which I made myself and which will be available under POLKA DOT PIECES in my store soon.

1 packet of Everyday thickers from READY SET GO by Amy Tangerine. (Please note that there are three colours of the Everyday thickers and you will receive one of these colours in your mini kit. Again, all go beautifully with the contents of the mini kit, I promise. Also please note that I will have to take the thickers out of their packets and carefully cut each sheet in half in order to get it inside the packaging to send to you. I will ensure that the letters are protected and sent to you halved in their original packaging).

And a cute little glassine bag with a dash of green arrow washi to hold all of your mini kit embellishments but which also can be used in your layout.

Enjoy Australia and thank you for your wonderful enthusiasm and continued support. I appreciate you all so much. xxx

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! x

The MINI KITS are available for only $15, $20 including postage if purchased on its own. If purchased with other products the postage will be charged according to my usual Shipping Policy. Please note that not every kit is the same. The patterned paper and designs on embellishments etc will vary however each mini kit contains exactly the same amount of product.


PRODUCT UPDATE | Mini-kit #9 PRE-ORDERS available now!

Hello Monday!

Well Mini Kit #9¬†is FINALLY available. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so patient and enthusiastic! I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had putting this Christmas themed kit together. Too much fun actually. I couldn’t stop adding to it!

Included in this Christmas themed Mini Kit from Polka Dot Creative is:

3 double sided 4×6 cards from the WONDERLAND Collection from Studio Calico.

2 CHAOS CARDS from Documenting Chaos.

6 hand stamped GIVE a GIRL a… kraft coloured tabs.

7 inches of teal RIBBON.

2, 3×4 black star transparency/overlays cards.

6 teal coloured SEQUINS.

3 WOOD VENEER pieces from Studio Calico.

2 large TAGS machine stitched with teal glitter cotton.

1 packet of red TINY TEXT from Cosmo Cricket.

5 hand punch VELLUM STARS.

5 coloured PEARL STICK ONS (please note that the colours will vary – either red, green or black).

I am also really excited about the collaboration between Give a Girl a Blog, Documenting Chaos and Polka Dot Creative. I love that we have inspired, shared and helped each other. To me, this is what it’s all about.

I’ve stamped out 6 kraft tabs using Kellie’s own Christmas design from her new stamp set. Check out Kellie’s stamp shop at Give a Girl a…¬†and support our Aussie designers.

5 hand punched vellum stars. You can adhere them with a stapler, glue, or sew them on! Also included is an entire packet of Christmas red Tiny Text letter stickers from Cosmo Cricket. (I love using alpha stickers).

Chaos Cards! A¬†white cardstock ‘Joy’ and a kraft coloured gingerbread man from Documenting Chaos. Thank you Sarah! Check out Sarah’s Documenting Chaos Etsy shop for more Chaos Card designs. And 3 wood veneer shapes.

2, 3×4 black star overlay cards and of course some bling! The sequins were inspired by my daughters latest ballet concert costume ūüôā

Machine stitched tags with the scrumptious teal/blue glitter thread I bought from my Mum’s quilting shop, Glendoon Cottage. Also included is some matching teal/blue ribbon. My favourite.

Of course in the next couple of weeks you’ll see lots of inspiration from my Design Team giving you many ideas on how to use your Mini Kit #9. My hope is that it will help to perhaps save you a little time when creating your Project Life, December Daily, scrapbooking layouts and/or Christmas cards. As always I would LOVE to see what you all do with your kits. Please feel free to email me your creations to jodie@polkadotcreative.com.au.

Orders for Mini Kit #9 will close this Friday, 30 November, 2012 at 5pm. All orders will be posted on Monday, 3rd December, 2012. If you have ordered other products with your mini kit and you need them urgently let me know via email so I can make sure I get them to you this week. Otherwise all orders will be sent on Monday the 3rd.

I can’t say this enough to you all – thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being so enthusiastic and supportive of Polka Dot Creative. You are all making my dream come true. xxx

The MINI KITS are available for only $15, $20 including postage if purchased on its own. If purchased with other products the postage will be charged according to my usual Shipping Policy. Please note that not every kit is the same. The patterned paper + designs on embellishments etc will vary however each kit contains exactly the same amount of product.



DESIGN TEAM | Paradise Beach by Sarah.

Hello Thursday!

I am excited to share with you Sarah’s first Polka Dot Creative Design Team assignment which just so happens to be her latest Project Life week, Week Forty-Five!

Sarah has predominately used products from the¬†Paradise Beach Collection¬†by Echo Park Paper Company. And don’t you just love it?!!! I DO!

Love the way Sarah has divided the photo into four.

This¬†Silhouette queen designed that gorgeous hibiscus and cut it out using her Silhouette. Don’t forget that Sarah sells her Chaos Cards here. Lovely mention of her involvement with the Polka Dot Creative Design Team. (I’m just as excited as you honey!)

The Paradise Beach products that Sarah has used include patterned papers called Flip Flops, Cabana Stripe, Ride the Wave, Beach Bum, Sunshine, and Splash. She has also used a variety of stickers from the Element Stickers Sheet. All of these are available here at Polka Dot Creative.
Flip Flops and Cabana Stripe
Ride the Wave and Beach Bum
Sunshine and Spash
Element Stickers
Read more about Sarah’s¬†Week Forty-Five¬†on her Documenting Chaos blog!

Hope you are all having a great day! xxx

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