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‘Creating for you’ by Anna.

Hello Saturday!

Today on the blog Anna shares with us a beautiful message about getting back to basics and creating for you together with showing us some inspiring ideas with circles.

Image 1

Hi there lovely ones!

I just wanted to start this post off with this quote.


Getting back into scrapbooking again this last year and a bit, has been super fun and inspiring. It has also been challenging and a massive journey of self-discovery. I have learnt so much about myself but I am just going to share this one thing today.

Creating should not be about what other people want from you but about YOU and YOUR STORY and how you want to document it. I say this because I have pulled myself up countless times after catching myself thinking things like ‘it just doesn’t look right’ or ‘it’s just not coming together the way it should’! Now, these are reasonable statements in their own right really – but when I thought about it more closely I had to ask, ‘By whose standards?’ ‘Am I just comparing what I have in front of me to what everyone else is doing?’

It’s ok to be inspired. To check out what everyone else is doing. But when you start thinking everyone else’s way is best and looks better, and focusing on what is currently ‘trending’, it’s only putting pressure on yourself and taking away from what is really YOU. And that is when frustration and dissatisfaction sets in. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing what’s new and using up-to-the-minute products – what I am trying to say is that it is not the ultimate focus…the memory keeping aspect is. Your story IS what is important. However you want to tell it is up to you but don’t lock yourself up in doing what you think everyone else wants to see. This is something I am learning as I live my life story.

I love creating. It’s one thing that makes my soul happy! I also love seeing what everyone else is creating and am constantly inspired! When it comes to creating, I always like the process better when I just let go and celebrate my own style and way. When I start feeling under pressure or getting annoyed at what I am doing, I need to step back – BREATHE – and let go. Find that place in my heart that is JUST ME and start over with a fresh perspective. By all means, draw from others ideas – that’s what inspiration and sharing is all about – but always BE YOU. When I feel light-hearted and free while creating, I know I am in the right head space and allowing myself to just let things flow MY way.

Ok! So that’s my little heart-to-heart deep and meaningful message for you 😉

Now for sharing the creative part…

I am always attracted to layouts that use a certain shape repetitively on a page. Lately, my eye has been drawn to circles – so I have embraced that and have been creating using circles in different ways.

I would like to share with you THREE different projects I have made using circles  – a 12”x12” layout, a 6”x8” layout, and  a 4”x6” journal card.

Here they are…

12×12” layout

Image 1

Here I have created different sized circles out of patterned papers and have used my circle cutters to make my photos circular as well. I have gone with a diagonal placement of photos and background papers on the page. Doilies, flair badges, and enamel dots are great circular embellishments to continue the theme. And with it being a beachy layout and showing my girls splashing about, I thought the addition of mist inks splattered in the background brings a nice touch.

I have also used some arrows and wood veneer shapes to break it up just a little bit. And the horizontal placement of the title and journaling also balances the page more too.

6×8” layout


I have downsized the page this time – it’s a refreshing change to the larger sized layouts I usually do. And the page comes together rather quickly. They are a great size to add into your Project Life pages as an insert.

Here I have used circles as my background again but this time, I have cut out some circle shapes from the actual page and popped patterned paper behind it. It’s hard to see in the photo, but in real life the cut-outs add some depth to the page as the paper behind sits back a bit from the surface papers which is pretty cool J

To continue the circular theme I have embellished with flair again but have also added buttons into the mix.

4×6” journal card

Image 4

Image 3

Here I have cut down some scrap paper to the 4” by 6” size. I have used different items – such as washi tape roll, adhesive tape roll, circle cutters – to trace circles onto the paper. I then grabbed my trusty needle, popped the card onto a folded tea towel and pierced holes around the edge of the shapes. Then I threaded the needle and started stitching. I love it! It adds a great effect to the paper – do try it J

As you can see, I have made the card into my Week 9 title card for my Project Life album. The cork ‘week’ stickers are from the PDC ‘xo’ mini kit. I really love cork – it’s getting up there with wood veneer for me 😉


I had so much fun putting these pieces together.

More memories recorded, my way. 😉

Hope you have enjoyed and feel just a little bit inspired. Remember, each piece is open for interpretation – if you do happen to try creating layouts inspired by my pages, please share! We would love to see what you come up with!

Happy creating…

Anna xx

Anna has a beautiful, bright blog called One Big Sunshine Spritzer. It’s full of inspiration and messages to make you feel good. Visit her HERE.

Up-cycle with Ellie.

Hello Monday!

Ellie is back and she is beginning her Art Journal BUT while she waited for her preparation of her pages to dry she got busy and made some fabulous cards with the off cuts from her journal. I LOVE this. Using what you have. Bouncing from one project to the other. WONDERFUL, and just how a crafter should be.


Hello PDC friends, it’s Ellie here!

Today I’m sharing my process of how I came to make these cards, when I actually set out to make and start my Art Journal.  Sometimes I start out with an idea or a plan in my head of what I want to do, but often I go where the creativity leads me and I end making something else.

The other day Jodie asked me if I art journaled, and I have not for a long time. It got me thinking and itching to use/make one again. I was going to use a regular visual art diary, but I love to up-cycle so I headed down to my local Salvos store and grabbed a hardcover novel/book for $2.00.

Image 4

Later that night I stared cutting out rectangles on multiple pages to make an internal frame. I then had all the sheets of paper I had cut out, my next thought was to paint and mist these and make flowers. I made flowers (using dies) and painted some extra sheets with watercolour paints.  I had a whole plan to use these paper flowers in my art journal, and I also wanted to put some of my favourite quotes in there.  Not being a huge fan of my lettering (I’m so out of practice) my next plan was to use the sketch pens on my Silhouette, which are great as the lettering looks hand drawn. What I wanted to do wasn’t quite working, so I decided to put my art journal aside and go on with my next idea, using the sketch pens to draw word art greetings for cards. Knowing that if I tried to draw onto the printed book paper the words would be hard to see, I opted for hand painted drawing paper. The paper had to be painted first before using the sketch markers as they would smudge with water. Once dry I then used the silhouette to draw/sketch my greeting on and cut around the design.  

Image 3

While I was waiting for the watercolor paint to dry I had some sheets of book paper that had been misted/painted already. I used some texture paste mixed with white paint and a Mr. Huey’s chevron mist mask to add some textural interest to my cards.


Image 1

Image 2

These cards were quick and fun to make. I will get back onto my art journal later, but I feel that I’m not ready to keep going with it yet. If something is not working for me the way I planned, and I feel I should go in a different direction by trying something else, then I do. Yes I do have a few unfinished projects, but do get onto them, when I’m ready!

Ellie xxx

I have used Mister Huey’s mists and masks from Polka Dot Creative. You can find them HEREFor my full materials list please visit my blog, My Little Bunny Cupcake.

Creative Team | A weekend layout with Anna.

Hello Tuesday!

Anna shares with us a traditional layout that she created over the weekend. It is adorable! 

Image 1

Hey lovely ones!

Anna here. Just a mini share of a layout I made over the weekend.

I have been looking back through photos as I have been organising my studio – YEP, it’s still a work-in-progress. I have ALOT of stuff! LOL!

Anyway, I have come across a few photos of my man and me. Now, having two kids, I have been scrapping THEM predominantly. This got me thinking about the future – when we look back on my memory keeping and documenting of our family; that many of my kids’ life moments will be recorded but when it comes to my husband and I, there wouldn’t actually be much. I want OUR story to be told too; how our individual lives came together and made a life as a family. Our journey is important as well. And it is also a way for me to write down how I feel about him and the moments we have shared in our lifetime.

So I have been rectifying this situation and scrapping the story of us – me and my man. These kind of layouts are actually even more special to scrapbook considering the fact that hubby doesn’t really like many photos taken of him but he indulges me sometimes and lets me snap away, giving me his dazzling smile that I love so much.

But that’s enough soppy stuff 🙂

Here is my layout…


I have used an 8.5”x11” format to record this memory. This year, I have been mixing things up abit and experimenting with new formats and sizing. I’m loving the variety.

I am the kind of person that can’t chuck things out that I could find a use in my crafty creative endeavours. With this in mind, you can understand why the red and tan striped paper that was once wrapping paper is now the background for this layout! LOL. 🙂

I also love paint splatterings. Here I have used white gesso to add a painted mat for my photo and then random paint splatterings here and there over the page. I LOVE the effect!

My photo is backed with some kraft card packaging (yep – again, no waste. It didn’t deserve to go in the bin!). I have used a 4”x6” journal card positioned vertically behind my photo which had a date section on the top which I used to record the date the photo was taken.

I love clusters of embellishments and layers. I also like balance – although it wouldn’t seem so when looking at this layout. The embellishment cluster is heavily directed to the top right corner but my attempt to even that out was to add my own handwritten journaling to the bottom left corner PLUS a title reading ‘you & me’. I have used stamping in black ink in the bottom right corner so evened that out by including the black stamps in the top left. It’s just the way I seem to work most of the time when putting a page together. 🙂

Image 1  Image 2

Products used for embellishing:

I hope you have enjoyed my layout share. Maybe next time you scrap you can pull out the gesso or any other craft paint you like and use on your page. Or use leftover scraps/packaging/paper offcuts  to incorporate onto your page.

Do share with us here at Polka Dot Creative if you do – share a pic of your project on our Facebook page or blog about it and post a link so that we can check it out. We would love to see all YOUR work too. 🙂

Happy Creating!

Anna 🙂

Creative Team | Daybook love with Anna.

Hello Wednesday!

One of my favourite ways to memory keep is using daybooks or mini books. For me a daybook creation is like a ‘quick fix’ in the sense that they are small, I can be as creative (or not) as I want, they can be used to capture one event that might be too big a story for one layout or spread in my Project Life album, and I tend to use up bits and pieces from my stash. You can see some of my daybooks/mini books HERE.

Today Anna shares with us a daybook she created for a trip she took with her family to Tasmania. 


Image 1

Hello fellow creatives!

Image 1

Today I am going to ‘show-and-tell’ about my new-found love of daybooks. Yep! – there is always more to discover and appreciate in the creative world…and I am so glad I dived into using these little beauties!!

I have come across daybooks/mini books before but have never really used or created one. There is such a vast array of creative goodies on the market and various ways of memory-keeping – it can get a tad overwhelming sometimes! So I just kept admiring and never buying…I resisted the urge 😉

After seeing all the different daybooks in Jodie’s store and what she did with creating one as a teacher’s gift for one of her kids (you can see that HERE)– I decided that I just HAVE to give it go!

We headed to Tassie in February for my sister’s wedding and I thought this would be the perfect way to document our trip, focusing more on the wedding, the lead up to it, and our roles in it. Having this little daybook would, in turn, lessen the page load in my Project Life family album too 😉 And I must say, it’s turned out to be quite a lovely little keepsake of our holiday. I have still documented the wedding and the week’s happenings in our Project Life album but creating the daybook has allowed me to record more details.

So without any further ado – let me show you some pages of my daybook…

Image 2

I chose to use the ‘Hello’ spiral Ready Set Go daybook by Amy Tangerine, purchased from Polka Dot Creative. It’s a very simple cover but I’m fine with that – I didn’t want too much hoo-hah on the front anyway. I’ve used letters from Amy Tangerine Plus One Sticker book and Charcoal Rubber numbers from Amy Tangerine’s Cut & Paste range.

You will see that I use alot of Amy Tangerine products…her stuff is just so awesome. 🙂

So onto the inside…

Image 14 Image 13 Image 20

Image 15

Image 6

  • First page I added a little lift-up piece to include the photo so I could journal underneath.
  • Second page, I created a pocket to pop the tickets in
  • The next page spread, I folded a 6×4” journal card in half and attached to the vellum page. This made room for the photo and the journaling. And it just makes the page a lot more interactive which is fun. 🙂
  • The embellishments used here are from the Amy Tangerine’s Cut & Paste die-cut pack and I have also used a circle tag from Chic Tags.

Image 8

  • There is a cute little house page in this booklet and I used this part to document the trip to the hairdressers for my spruce up!
  • The first part (red) held my journaling and the picture of the salon entrance. The second part (wood print) holds a brad and I attached some extra 3×4 journal cards from the Amy Tangerine Cut & Paste Project Life kit to hold my before and after shots 🙂 I will show you how I added these in at the end – you’ll see that I have done this a few times throughout the book!

Image 7

Image 5

  • Another cute little page in this book is with the die-cut lady. Onto the front of this I’ve added the date (Amy Tangerine’s rubber Thickers).
  • Again I have added another little page. I have used some products from Kellie Stamps – wooden flair and stamps. I strategically placed that wooden flair near the drink but so that it peered through the head of the lady – just cos I thought it looked cool 😉
  • I created smaller pics of each of our main meals of the night (very laid back hens night this was!). I have written what we each ate on each of the photos with a white gel pen (a new fad of mine – loving it!!)
  • I wanted to document every part of the wedding journey – so the hair trials got in here too. It’s fun to just have a girly little fashion fest 🙂

Image 3 Image

  • Another part of the journey is dress fittings and pickups. This was so special. It was both my daughters’ first time to be flower girls and the dresses were just divine!
  • To document this, I created another flip-style insert layered onto a page to keep it all together.

Image 21

  • To record some more details of the wedding preparations, I again inserted a small booklet made with 3×4” journal cards from the Amy T Cut & Paste project life mini kit.

Here are just a few pages from the little insert…

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

Image 9

And then came the BIG DAY!

Image 16 Image 18 Image 19 Image 17

It really was a grand day and the highlight of our trip of course! It was lovely to re-live it as I documented it in this book.

I loved just grabbing things out of my stash to incorporate onto the pages. I loved the ‘He Said She Said’ stamp by Kellie Stamps to use on the I Do page. Her stamp designs are just so great – I can always find something that suits my pages somehow!


I must confess that this was not my original idea and so to give credit where it is due, I actually came across this tip via the blog of the lovely Kim Jeffress sometime last year. I have kept it filed away in my memory bank since then and am so glad I could pick it out again and use it.

I have used this technique quite a bit in this book so let me show you how – it’s rather easy. 🙂

Image 22

  1. Line up the pages/cards where you want them to be inserted. Use a pencil to mark the location of the spirals. Use a hole punch or Crop-O-Dile tool to make the holes at these pencilled marks.
  2. Snip from the edge of the paper/cards into holes the whole way along.
  3. Place page over the spirals and press down gently with your fingers along the edge of the page so that each little section attaches to the binder.
  4. TA-DAH!

It was a great way to get all the things in the book that I wanted to document so as to not run out of pages. I love seeing the book sitting on my desk all fat and bulging with documented goodness. Feels good to record the details of life hey!?! And now I have my first completed daybook to add to my shelf. Love it!!

Image 4

I hope you have enjoyed the tour through my first daybook experience – and picked up a few ideas and tips on the way.

Until next time,

Happy creating. Enjoy the journey.

Anna xx

As always, if you have any comments and/or question leave them below and Anna and I will get back to you. Anna also has a beautiful blog called One Big Sunshine Spritzer. I smile every time a say the name of her blog. Just gorgeous. Anna is currently taking part in a blog post a day for the month of May.  

See you tomorrow! x

Creative Team | Video Tutorial | White borders with Petra.

Hello Tuesday!


The kids are back at school today and I miss them. But I look around our little cottage and want to vomit at the sight of it. The debris of the holidays is spread far and wide. But I miss them. Yet I am enjoying the quiet. I love the holidays. Yet I welcome back our routine.


Today Petra shares with us how to add those crisp what borders to your photos. A lot of people have been asking our creative team member how to create the same effect so today she is graciously going to show us. {I’m showing the photo of ‘us’ again. Still tickled pink I got to see my darling friend earlier this month. xxx}


Neat, white, rounded corner borders EVERYWHERE! How do you do them?

Easily the most asked question about my project life layouts because I love them and use them each and every week. You could say it’s my “thing”.
How are they so neat? Are you matting the photos onto white card stock? Is it digital? How come your digital corners match the physical ones so well? The list goes on….
Today I am taking all the guess work AND hard work out of those pesky little white borders.
What you will need?
  • PC or Mac.
  • Photoshop Elements or Photoshop (Any version)
  • Photo Printer (or have your photos printed)
  • Corner rounder
Step 1:
Download 6×4 file HERE.
Download 3×4 file HERE.
Step 2:
Watch this video.

White Borders for PDC from Polka Dot Creative on Vimeo.

Step 3:


Hope that answers it all. Thanks for watching.


Creative Team | with Ellie.

Hello Creative Team Tuesday,


How are we all after the Easter weekend? We are all coming down off a massive chocolate high around here. 

Ellie shares with us some of her Project Life pages as well as a gorgeous notebook that she created using Project Life cards. I love this idea!



Hello PDC lovelies!

It’s Ellie here and today I’m sharing a couple of Project life pages and a notebook I altered using Project life cards.


Week 1- was a redo as 1) I didn’t really finish it, and 2) I wasn’t entirely happy with what I did do. Instead of trying to get this right the first time around, I decided to leave it and move on, so I wouldn’t get behind with my pages.  I made my week title card half the size, which meant I could add a filler/quote card, and in turn added, some colour, to help break up my page. I also cropped some of the photos for more space.

Image 1

Week 9 – I also had a lot of photos, so I cropped a lot. To break it up I used an Amy Tangerine pocket and stamped it to make my hidden journaling pocket. This way I could fiteverything I wanted to write on a folded piece of card.

I have used: Jodie’s Days of the week Brush Script cards by Polka Dot Creative, XO mini kit word ‘week’ by Polka Dot Creative (ON SALE), Midnight Edition Core Kit, Sn@p – Everyday 3×4 cards, Christian themed Project Life cards by Becky Higgins, 4×6 Textured Cardstock Project Life cards by Becky Higgins, wood veneer camera by Studio Calicodate stamp by American Crafts, Pink Washi by Bella Boulevard, Yes Please Life sticker book & hello there sticker – Amy Tangerine. {For a complete list of materials used visit Ellie’s beautiful blog HERE.}

Image 3

Altered notebook

I decided to alter a notebook after I found one with a cute pattern. I was tired of losing my little notes of paper, and I wanted something pretty that I would hopefully be less inclined to loose.

I used Midnight edition Core Kit and cut the hello speech bubble from one card. I also cut out the phrase ‘remember this’ from another.  I stitched the sides and bottom edges of the ‘remember this’ phrase. Then taking a 4×6 white Textured Cardstock Project Life card I trimmed to fit the front of my notebook. I then stitched around the edge using my sewing machine. Taking a yellow diagonal 3×4 card from the midnight kit I also stitched around the edges. I then adhered this layer on top of white card. Taking Amy Tangerine stitch guide I stitched 3 little x’s on both the yellow and white layers.

Image 2

I then adhered this to my notebook. The Hello speech was added next. I then glued a piece of doily to the top right corner and adhered the  ‘remember this’ piece over the top. I added some glitter Tape and washi to the top and bottom. I used some mini alpha stickers for the year. To finish it off I added 3 different sequins.

I have used: Midnight Edition Core Kit by Becky Higgins, 4×6 Textured Cardstock Project Life cards by Becky Higgins, Glitter Tape by American Crafts, Embroidery Kit by Amy Tangerine. {For a full list of materials please visit Ellie’s beautiful blog HERE}.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with family,

Ellie xo

Creative Team | Escape 2 Create Retreat with Anna.

Hello Thursday!

Today is a fun post put together by our Polka Dot Creative Team member Anna. Anna was lucky enough to attend the recent Escape to Create retreat. I asked her to share with us her experience and some of her creations. We are so happy that she is back. xxx

Image 1

Hi there beautiful people.

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve popped in here. Life can get crazy and that’s definitely been the case around here these last couple of months. We have taken on a business opportunity, moved house, been back to Tassie for my little sister’s wedding, and on return from there I had a couple of days to unpack and re-pack to go to South Australia for the Escape to Create retreat!!

Which is what I am going to tell you about right now. 🙂

I had heard about this retreat and how good it was for some time but never thought it would be at all possible that I would ever be able to go. The E2C registration is basically a race for whoever can get their email in at the right time – it literally sells out in the first couple of minutes that registration opens!!  There is 80 positions…I was number 78! Yep… it happened for me and I am soooo thankful that it did!

There were many reasons why I was excited about going this year!! For one, it was my first retreat EVER. Sure, I have been to different day workshops but never an actual camp-style retreat! Secondly, there were people going that I was keen to meet – for one…none other than KIM ARCHER whom I work for over on the Jot Team! And on top of all the people on my life-list to meet, I was blessed to meet even more lovely creatives! And just getting away from the normal daily routines that are my life was a refreshing change!

And I can tell you, I had a BLAST! All these people that mean so much to me, inspire me and who I am just so grateful to know – ALL in ONE room…or shed, rather! LOL!

NOTE: Obviously my life-list still has quite a few beautiful souls on it that I need to meet sometime, wherever and whenever that may be in my life journey. 🙂


*Here I am with Kim Archer (Jot Magazine), Raquel Bowman (A Piece of Cake Designs), and Kate Mason (Messy Miss Kate). I have been ‘friends’ with Kate for many years now on social media and was so blessed to meet her. If you have never come across Kate and her work – you must. She has a cute little Etsy store where she sells her awesome pieces of mixed media artwork, prints and cards etc.*

And the retreat was so well put together. The organisation, the decorations, the atmosphere and vibe of the place was just top notch.

Here is a quick list of the highlights for me:

  1. No egos allowed! – one of the ‘rules’ of the retreat was to leave any egos behind. We are all there as fellow creatives to have a good time. And I can say that this was so. The atmosphere in that shed was all about having a good old lot of creative fun and you felt comfortable and accepted which was awesome!
  2. I had so many laughs! – which felt good. Hadn’t laughed that hard in a while! It did wonders for the soul.
  3. I relaxed. – I felt less stressed and just more myself. Not that I am not myself at home but with the responsibilities and tasks of everyday life at home with kids, it is just nice to relax. Properly. For once.  And feel understood. Being in a place of like-minded creative souls that know why I do what I do without any explanation and just ‘get’ you, ya know? It’s just so refreshing J
  4. Goodie bags! – I was blown away by the generosity and quality of the goodie bags. It felt like Christmas. And the kits for the classes were awesome too – there was plenty left over from the projects to do some other creative stuff as well. Loved it all!!
  5. The classes. – I could only afford to book into two of the four classes. It was hard to choose but I did Kim’s class and Celeste Vermeend’s layout class. I was really stoked with each of the projects I came away with. Wanna see? Ok 😉

Image 2

Kim’s class – we made a mini booklet using 3×4 Project Life cards and also a small Project Life spread.

Image 1

Sorry about the quality of the PL spread photo – it’s always so hard to photograph these layouts in the plastic sleeves  :-/

For Celeste’s class we created an awesome layout – my favourite part of this project was the little glassine bag detail. 🙂

Image 5

I was so stoked with how my layout turned out – it’s one of my faves. 🙂

I also did manage to complete some other projects of my own – some of the layouts were for some future design team contributions so forgive me for not showing them but I can show you a PL page I finished…

Image 3

I was able to use a newly released item by A Piece of Cake Designs – 3×4 wood veneer. Perfect for Project Life.

I like to add in inspirational and/or uplifting quotes or slogans that are applicable to each week. I always find something whilst browsing online or amongst my daily readings somewhere that stick out and mean something to me, so it only feels right to include these things hey!?! It’s all part of the journey and makes up our life story and so every detail is important!

Image 4

Check out the little quote of the week – makes me laugh every time!! Kids can be so darn cute J

Speaking of kids – I did miss my little ones while on my little break. When you’re away from them and talk to them on the phone, they always sound so sweet, innocent and vulnerable down the phone lines to you. Their cute little voices just make your heart swell with love and ache with longing to hold them again. I must say, the homecoming was quite awesome. Felt like the star in the most important show of all time!! 😉

There was quite a bit of travelling involved (and $$) to get there for me…but it was worth it in my eyes! So thrilled to have met so many special people and just to have 3 whole days of nothing but scrapping and chatting was just bliss!!

Learnt a few lessons in packing though – I’ve always been an ‘over-packer’ and although I thought I had it down to ‘need’ items I still had excess baggage. I did use most things I took but I made note of a few things to remember next time just to lighten the load. One tip I will impart to you is to KNOW what projects you want to do and only take supplies for them. Kits are the way to go I reckon and then a nice selection of photos you want to get scrapped and just go with that!! Just some handy knowledge for next time I’ve noted down.

Because I’m definitely hoping for a next time for sure – would love to make it an annual thing…if I can manage to have quick fingers and an even quicker ability to hit that send button with the utmost accurate timing 😉

Have you been to a creative retreat before? If so – how was it? Any tips to add?

Live with passion and purpose lovelies.

Until next time,

Anna xx

Creative Team | Mothers Day card using the XO mini kit.

Hello Tuesday!


Pinch and a punch all! Kids had a ball this morning. They had an array of April Fools jokes that they played on me. Some I saw coming, one I didn’t. Ha!

On the blog today is Ellie. She is eking out the products in her XO mini kit (I still have a few left. They are now only $12!). Here is a beautiful Mothers’ Day card. Talk about organised! Enjoy xxx


Hi it’s Ellie here and today I’m sharing a Mother’s Day card I made using the gorgeous hand painted xo card from the XO mini kit by Polka Dot Creative.


Start making this card by using the Studio Calico chevron stencil & misting with Mister Huey’s Seafoam on a white Project Life card. I also used a foam dauber to blend the mist over the stencil.

mother card

Then ink the edges of the xo card and your misted 4×6 using the dauber you just blended with.

Once dry, adhere the 4×6 card to a card base. Adhere a medium sized doily to the card and fold over the back or trim.

Then hand cut a heart from Maggie Holmes Gold Vellum Doily.

Adhere a small doily to the front on the xo card and then the gold heart. Add your sentiment to the heart and using a sewing machine very slowly stitch sentiment strips, heart and edge of xoxo card. Then adhere this to your card base.


Taking Fab Rips from Studio Calico (on sale at PDC) cut a thin strip and fish tail the end.  Adhere to card. Place a brad or button near the fish tail end. Use some Dear Lizzy 5th Avenue trim (also on sale at PDC). Add a few sequins for a bit of sparkle.

It’s so nice to receive a handmade card, so why not make one for someone special.

The mini kits at Polka Dot Creative are not only perfect for your layouts, but are great for cards too!

Check out my blog, My Little Bunny Cupcake, for more cards and fun. 

Till next time, Ellie xxx

Thank you Ellie and thank YOU for popping in. I hope you have a great day! xxx


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