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Collaboration with the ‘Just Be Nice Foundation’.

Hey Thursday!

I am a big believer in being nice, being kind, being compassionate, being understanding. It doesn’t make a person look silly, or uninteresting, or gullible, or weak. To me, meeting a nice person is like a breath of fresh air. It’s normal, inviting, inspiring and just plain ol’ lovely. Being nice is pretty darn easy to do too. Smile. Care. Or just say a quiet little “hello” as someone passes you by. So, so easy. And it makes you feel good at the same time. Just be nice. Believing in those three little words so much I scripted them and popped them on instagram and on my blog.

A few months ago I was contacted by a non-profit foundation called – wait for it – Just Be NiceJust Be Nice® is an international movement with a simple message, just be nice. These three simple, yet powerful words transcend through our culture as a positive lifelong message of kindness. We spread this meaningful message with help from people like you, through our retail website justbenice.com, grassroots efforts, our School Program and our Just Be Nice Foundation which is our non-profit fundraising program. We offer high quality t-shirts, stickers, mugs and more.

My point of contact, Alex, had seen my brush script offering ‘Just Be Nice’ on instagram and on my blog and asked if I would ‘donate’ the design to their Just Be Nice Foundation. After finding out more about their international movement and the variety of people and groups that they helped and the extent to which they helped these people and groups, well of course I said yes!

Kat Mason | Founder and owner of Just Be Nice® “Just Be Nice is such a simple message, but it’s something that people forget every day,” Kat said. “I wanted to remind them, by wearing a Just Be Nice shirt, by putting a Just Be Nice sticker on my car and by using the Just Be Nice message as something positive to strive for on a daily basis.”

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When you purchase these t-shirts featuring my script Just Be Nice and / or other Just Be Nice products such as mugs, stickers, fridge magnets, bumper stickers, hats and more, you will be helping out people all over the world not only in a fundraising and giving capacity but you will also be reminding people of that one simple, yet oh so important message, JUST BE NICE.

You can also help out an enormous amount by passing on the Just Be Nice message. And, my lovelies, nothing works better than leading by example.

Wishing you all a wonderful day. XO



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