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Guest Post | Aimee Dow of Betwixt & Between.

Hello Tuesday!

On Sunday Michelle shared with us how we can use my June mini kit in our Project Life pages.

Today I’d like to welcome Aimee Dow of Betwixt & Between to my blog. Aimee is sharing her ideas on creating a Daybook with my June mini kit. This girl is thinking outside the box and I love it! There are two things I love in this memory keeping world. Project Life and Daybooks. I’m in heaven.


Hi, I’m name is Aimee but you probably know me best as the author of Betwixt and Between. I’m here today to show you how I used my July Polka Dot Creative mini kit. I’m not going to lie, when the gorgeous Jodie and I discussed this post and I explained all my design slots were filled for the month, the lovely Jodie remarked “No worries honey, we can do something next mon…”, she didn’t even have a chance to finish her sentence before I was screaming “NO! I want it! I have to have it!”. One of the main reasons I love Jodie’s mini kits is you really aren’t limited to what you can create with them, unlike other Project Life kits. So without further ado, here is my mini book.
The idea for my book was absolutely inspired by the mini kit’s colour palette and Jodie’s amazing handmade vellum sequinned pocket. I admit it looked better before I took the book to a crop and everybody just wanted to shake it, so it’s been though a fair few hands.
I backed the cover with a piece of beautiful foil paper that was included in the mini kit. The pages of the book are also made up of the foiled paper and the misted Kraft cardstock. I taught myself how to bind them together from a YouTube video. I’m not sure what everyone else uses YouTube for, but it’s my infinite how to guide.
I should probably mention, other than Jodie’s mini kit, all the other supplies are scraps or left overs. I love that you can create a whole project with little more than the mini kit and what’s on hand. Quote is by Audrey Hepburn, but you already knew that didn’t you?
How cute are those Dear Lizzy alphas. I’m such a sucker for small alphas. Oh speaking of alphas! Have you seen the Dear Lizzy Glitter alphas Jodie has on sale right now? I bought the Vanilla and the Spearmint because they were in the massive stocktake sale.  OMG they are beautiful. I’m going back for more…umm and probably a few more sale items. I figure I would have bought them at full price, so that’s already a 50% I’ve saved, but if I spend till free shipping, that’s $20 more product I get for free because I’m not paying postage. Yay!
I’m not usually a big pink scrapper, but I do love this page. It came about by accident. I counted out my photos and my pages but forgot to take into account the quote on the inside cover. So some quick thinking, a doily, one of the kits beautiful tags for stability and TA DA, you have a makeshift page! Lots more Dear Lizzy here. Dear Lizzy – 5th and Frolic stickers, 5th and Frolic ribbon and of course the alphas. Now all I need is the 5th and Frolic Project Life kit. You can be sure I’ll be preordering it here but do I want it with the Maggie Holmes or the Amy Tangerine edition? I’d love to get all three but with Liz Tamanaha’s Man’s World kit and the Theme Park kit, that’s probably going to be too much right? Good thing Jodie lets me pay them off in instalments. That way it doesn’t feel so painful paying for them and I get them as soon as they are released.
Here you can see the front of the Jodie’s tag, ehh… covered in homemade cork stars. It was my idea to put them there though. I didn’t do the velum one. I don’t own a sewing machine. That’s Jodie classing up my project right there.
Remember how I said leftovers and scraps? That ripped paper is leftover indian wrapping paper, the veneer I found under my desk and the the alpha’s are from one of the stray packs with only had a few left. I had planned to use Crates gold daiquiri glitter thickers, but curiously I was out of D’s. Go figure. The stamped background is just a geotag strip.
Before you say anything, I want to go to Amsterdam for the progressive government, the bike riding and the canals, regardless of what the sequins might have you believe. Just in case you were wondering about the little Dutch phase on the homemade speech bubbles, it means ‘See you later’. I gold glitter embossed them. I think it’s clear I need more practice.
I went to bed the night I created this page not sure of what it would look like. Jodie said be sure you photo all the layers but I don’t think I do a lot of layers, I thought to myself. I had one of those three am moments where you sit bolt up right and your husband rubs his eyes and sleepily says “What about arabic tiles?”. Apparently I had been talking about them in my sleep again. From there it was a matter of a quick google image search and it became very apparent that the easiest pattern to replicate was the fishscale. Then I went back to sleep.
That about wraps it up I’m afraid. I’m hoping one of you at least gives this a crack with the next Polka Dot Creative mini kit, due out very soon. I’m dying to see someone else’s take.
Thank you Aimee! You are so very creative. xxx Thank you for showing that my mini kits can reach beyond our Project Life pages. Be sure to visit Aimee’s bright and beautiful blog called Betwixt and Between.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone. xxx

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