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Project Life, 2015 | Week Eleven + lots of DIY card tips.

Hey Thursday!

And welcome to week eleven of our Project Life album for 2015. It was a fab week of firsts including Henry’s first cross country experience at school and me holding a python. Ugh. The things we do for our babes… I used a lot of DIY cards in our week eleven and I’m happy and excited to share these really simple, cheap and fun ideas with you. Read More

Project Life, 2014 | Week Nine.

Friday you’re here!!! I love you!

Welcome to week nine of my Project Life journey. I took my little photo shoot outside today. It is such a beautiful day here and even though I love the rain I ADORE sunshine! I must of felt really inspired out there because this post is very photo heavy. Read More

Our Advent Calendar for 2013.

Hello Thursday!

I’m really, really excited to show you our Advent Calendar that I created over the weekend. We are already using it and it is proving to be a lot of fun.

My inspiration came from the girls of A Beautiful Mess. They had created theirs out of their Project Life designer patterned paper pack and I thought it looked amazing.

Colorful advent made with scrapbooking paper!

One of the big goals for me this Christmas is to create things for the festive season with supplies that I already have. The kids and I just purchased a house (Yay! More on that later…) and so every cent is more precious than ever.

I also want to show the kids that not everything fun has to be bought. I want them to see me using the resources around me and make the most of what we have on hand at the time. So…


These are the instructions taken from the A Beautiful Mess blog post with a few tips from me added in.

SUPPLIES | Here is what you’ll need:

– 13 pieces of double-sided 12×12 patterned paper. I randomly pulled out a bunch of patterned papers from my stash. My only criteria was that the patterned papers had a Christmassy colour about them. I didn’t pay too much attention to the patterns on the paper. Most so just went for colour.


– As many photos as you like. The photos that I chose are in no particular order however they are photos that I chose from 2013 that meant something to me whether it be this group family shot or photos that made me laugh out loud.


Not every envelope has a photo. I like the randomness of that.

– a sewing machine or stapler. I used a sewing machine.

– little wooden clothes pegs which you can pick up at any craft store, or those cheaper Dollar store places.

– a heap of string to peg and hang your envelopes on.

Larger Image

– something for the numbers. I used flair buttons from A Piece of Cake Designs. Absolutely perfect for this project. You can also use random number stickers or thickers. I great way to use up your bits and pieces.

– goodies to fill the envelopes.

– journaling cards to write ‘action cards’.

METHOD | to make your envelopes you:

– cut two pieces of paper: the first 6×7 inches and the second 5×6 inches.

– fold the larger paper over the top of the smaller paper to create an envelope.


–  adhere your photos onto the envelopes. I had originally printed out my instagram photos at 4×4 size however I had to trim them down a little so that the top of the photos weren’t cut off my the lip of the envelope. If I had my time over again I’d print them out 3.5×3.5.


– then sew (or staple) around the bottom three sides of the two papers creating the envelope. I took this one step further and sewed all the way around the four sides so that the lip had a nice border of stitching showing too.


– now add your numbers. If you are using flair make sure you complete the sewing step first and then put your flair on.


– I didn’t want the whole thing to be about lollies so filled probably less than half with treats…


…and the rest I wrote out ‘action cards’. This idea was inspired by Ali Edwards. I kept the ‘action card’ instructions fun and easy to achieve as realistically the envelopes will be opened in the late afternoon or night. Here are some examples.







– then tied up your string on your wall or wherever and peg your envelopes over the string. Remember that you’ll need a pretty large space to fit all 25 envelopes.



Because we are renting at the moment and I don’t want to put holes in the walls I have just put one row up. The rest are in a little basket underneath. For the second half of the 25 days I’ll switch them out putting the others up and the envelopes we have already opened in the basket.



Here is are some more photos of my individual envelopes. I’m so very happy how this project turned out. And it was really fun and easy to make. It did take me a few hours to create only because there were 25 envelopes to sew but I did it whilst watching the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics so it was lovely.

This Advent Calendar will definitely be used by our little family every year from now on.







Hope you’re a little bit inspired! xxx

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